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Fleetco remodel and upgrade:

So I get this phone call from a guy in Kimberley area, He has just had a trailer built and wants to know if we could help him mount the fridge slider and fit a few canvas caddies to pimp it up. Bring it on, right up our ally was the answer. I did not expect the blank canvas that came in through the gate. It was a proper bare-bones trailer with a piece of carpeting in the back that the Front runner fridge slide was laying on. Brand new she was leaking like a sieve. Challenge accepted. I showed the owner a couple of trailers and his wish list was done😉

First on the list was some checker plate stone guards and protection. 

Then came the electrical wiring and first fix and a stainless steel work surface for the kitchen drop down lid.

We needed a sliding base at the bottom of the trailer as we planned to fit a second floor to the trailer on the same level as the side door openings. A huge lot of thinking and planning went in to this. Ideally water tanks, batteries and other utilities would be up front where they were not as accessible without making trap doors. This would keep the rear slide for chairs and tables with a divider to keep things apart. 

With the layout of the water tank and battery and placement of the pump and water line, the next step was the frame for the "second story". This had to be strong enough to support the fridge and slider as well as the cupboards on the kitchen and clothing side.

Next it was fitting the carpeted base and trap doors for utilities 

Then it was time for second fix for the board and electrical, bet you can’t guess what board the client wanted! 

Time for the hard work, metal fabrication and as the workshop progressed so did the sewing room and some custom caddies brought the project closer to completion.

The big day arrived and an owner that could barely contain his excitement reversed into the drive, he got out and just walked around the trailer inspecting every little detail, hardly giving me time to explain what we were looking at before moving on to the next feature. All he could say was that he had no words. His wife followed us with tears running down her cheeks.
We had won, our client was more than happy and speechless. Could you ask for more?

On the technical side: This trailer was kitted with a 55l pioneer water tank with a high-pressure pump to a tap at the back of the trailer. Electrical was made up of a 105Ah high cycle battery charged by a solar input as well as a Meanwell 220v charger with led lights in every compartment and under the shelves. Hella plugs in every compartment with normal 220v plugs in the kitchen and on the outside of the nosecone aka caravan style. The kitchen area was equipped with a 60l Defy microwave as well as an Alvey high-pressure stove that was secured with wing nuts to facilitate cleaning under the stove. The gas bottle was kept at the back in a custom bracket. The main work area was Stainless steel. A 2 x 2m fold-down awning was added to provide some shelter and a large canvas bag was made for tables and other bits on the roof rack...

The best part was when the owner's wife asked if it would be OK to give me a hug as a sign of thanks...........Priceless!!