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Bush mechanics 1 

What do you need to take along to help yourself out in the bush?

Picture this, you are driving along enjoying the trip and when you look down the battery light is glaring at you……..Not good, without power being put back in the battery, the engine will die in about 80 km or roughly 90 min as you have no ignition and your computer will shut down..... read more

Bush mechanics 2

What to do if your car suddenly starts overheating? 

The next little imaginary scenario I want to explore is just as intimidating and as important as electrical power, cooling.

Driving along and enjoying the fresh Karoo air and you notice the heat gauge is creeping alarmingly higher and higher. This can be something simple as a broken fan belt or something much more serious either way do not ignore this and hope it will go away. Pull over and investigate..... read more