Ultimate Overland

We are the solution to all your camping needs! 

Welcome to Ultimate Overland your camping customization experts.


Here we can do whatever you can dream of and assist in more than the ordinary.

We do custom electrical and water installations in camping trailers and caravans, while the regular servicing of camping vehicles is done with attention to detail and safety.

Special customization to all makes of trailer and caravan as well as specialized canvas creations are just a few ways we make your camping trip an unforgettable experience be it an entry-level or top of the range camper. 

We have enough experience to be able to make a suggestion or two and the wisdom to listen to your requests, making your dreams come true. 

Our workshop is equipped to deal with almost any request while the sewing room can create your special request be it a cutlery caddy or trailer top tent. 

Henk: 082 749 9785 / Jenny: 082 417 7115 / Office: (o11) 675-3333